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Tenute Rubino

Aleatico Salento Igt Rosso Passito 2019 by Tenute Rubino

Aleatico Salento Igt Rosso Passito 2019 by Tenute Rubino

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Aleatico Salento IGT

Rosso Passito

Grape: Aleatico
Area: Cellino/Mesagne
Alcohol: 15.5%
Bottle: 0.5 Lt
Soil: Stoney, medium consistency
Harvest: Manual, last decade of September
Fermentation: between 22-24°C in steel tanks
Maceration: 3 days at controlled temperature
Ageing: 6-7 months in steel tanks, 6 months in the bottle
Tasting note: Bright and dense ruby red.

Attracts your attention. Gracefully bringing the glass closer, the nose remains captivated, it doesn’t want to pull away, risking a sensory overload. It is like being catapulted into a mediterranean landscape, stroked by sea breezes, lightly brushing against the myrtle, the strawberry tree and the mastic tree. And all of a sudden, you find yourself in a field of violets, surrounded by a rose garden, with mature plums and carobs. For a moment in the distance you catch some incense with balsamic notes. The palate is watering and wants to taste the perfumes being enjoyed by the nose. The red liquid enters and expands, softly caressing the palate. The immediate sensation is gratifying fullness, silky sweetness, Then it flows on intensely, sleekly elegant. Slowly coming to an end with a long finish, pushing you towards another mouthful, since the finish is a balanced challenge, with an unexpected freshness for a late harvest.

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