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Who are you? (your background and story)

My name is Gianluca D’Aversa ,I’m 46 years young, Salentino from Lecce with Mum from
Salerno. From 2004 I live with my beautiful family in London where I’ve decided to “set my
tent” and open La Pizzica DELI first and La Pizzica Restaurant later.

How is born your restaurant “La Pizzica”?

It was my dream to have a Restaurant and after I finished my studies in Economics in Italy, I
decided to come to London to learn a useful foreign language and to gain experience in
running a business. London is a place full of opportunities and mine arrived when I decided
to take over a small delicatessen in Fulham where everything started.

Tell me a dish (or dishes) you especially love (and why)?

My Favourite dish are Definitely Fettuccine alla Gallipolina, our version of seafood pasta
which is the highest expression of our regional cuisine together with Her Majesty “Orecchietta
alle cime di rape” skilfully crafted by my dear brother Rocco

Why your customers choose La Pizzica restaurant?

Obviously because of me!!! Just joking, people love La Pizzica Restaurant for our high quality
food which is prepared using only the authentic ingredients we would use in our beautiful part
of the world
Our idea of hospitality and food experience authenticity is also a big plus which contributes to
make La Pizzica a place to visit