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Let’s meet Alberto from La Nina Caffe’ e Mercato 6 Q + 1

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Let’s meet Alberto from La Nina Caffe’ e Mercato  6 Q + 1

1. Who are you? (your background and story)

I’ve been working in hospitality for more than 30 years. Starting as a waiter/barista, I had the chance to improve my skills working in different cities in Italy touching bars, restaurants, clubs and hotels.
I’ve moved to London in 2013 and since then I’ve continued to work in hospitality as restaurant manager until the Covid arrived.

2. How is born your business “La Nina Caffe’ e Mercato”?

My partner, Monica (in life and business) has always wanted to have a local food business to educate the new generations to “healthy food”. La Nina Caffè & Mercato is not only a coffee shop and Italian grocery, but we are also known as an “Authentic Italian Cooking School” either for adult or kids.



3. Why your customers choose La Nina Caffe’?

The passion that we put in our business and the search for the high quality products lead the
neighbourhood to choose us as the favourite local business in 2023 (Neighbourhood Fave
Next Door)

4. Tell me a dish (or dishes) you especially love (and why)?

Carbonara. We organized the unique event based on only one dish. The Carbonara Day in
London 2019 was a food festival based only on one dish. 8 hours event with more than 2000
carbonara served.

5. About wines, what’s your favourite grapes (and why)?

With all the varieties of grapes in the world it is difficult to choose one. I love the grapes from my area in Salento, Negroamaro first and the surprising Susumaniello. An eye on the French’s such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot noir

6. Are your customers curious to try unusual Italian varieties? Or do they always prefer the classics?

I’m very open about new wines. I’ve just discovered the Ottavianello



7. What are your favourite Tacco’s wines and why?

As I said the Ottavianello DOC (Tenute Rubino) has been a nice surprise, a light red wine that can be used instead of the more expensive Burgundy Pinot Noir.