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Tacco is what happens when you put a couple of friends together.

Two friends, real food and wine lovers, were sitting around a table discussing how difficult it was to find true flavours of their sun-kissed land - their beloved Puglia – in London. And just like that, Tacco was born.

Through a selection of 100% Apulian products, Tacco is a uniquely cultural way to discover the essence of that piece of land, located right at the foot of Italy, that stretches between two seas that we call home.

We have selected the best producers of our region, people who still respect the traditional methods for the processing nature’s raw material, thereby giving us the highest quality results.


We are extremely proud to belong to this Apulian land and to be able to share these emotions with each one of our guests.


Enjoy Tacco, the Apulian experience.

Why "Tacco"?

"The Heel of the Italy’s boot"

Nestled between the Adriatic and Ionian seas, lies the captivating region of Puglia, also known as the ‘Heel of the Italy’s boot’. For centuries this stretch of land has been the gateway to the East and has been home to numerous civilizations, including Greeks, Romans, Spanish and Turks, who have left a deep mark in the architecture, food and local dialects.

Meet The Team

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Marco Fedele

Co- founder

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Gianluca D'Aversa



For questions about any of our products, or help with placing your order, don't hesitate to contact us:

Email:  info@tacco.co.uk /  Phone: +44 020 3645 6043


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